Alec (alecx_5) wrote in sn_crossovers,

Change In Status

Title: Change In Status
Author: alecx_5
Artist: emmatheslayer (I’ll add the blend when Photobucket starts acting right -_-)
Rating: NC-17
Pairing/Genre: John/Rick/Daryl; AU
Warnings: AU, slash, spanking, D/s, humiliation, Alpha/Omega, Knotting
World Count: Total 2,489 (So far) Part 1/?
Summary: In a world where omegas have no rights and are ruled by their alphas Rick and his alpha are happy. They have a tradition relationship that works for them. They have a home, a child and a routine. In comes Daryl, a single alpha that does everything in his power to spit in the face of tradition. With an unknown past, a child of his own and a lot of secrets forcing their way to the surface Daryl starts to make a deep impression.
Beta: jdl71

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