August 28th, 2018

Winchester Hug

Fic: "Bit by Bit" (Teen Wolf/Supernatural)

Title: Bit by Bit
Author: Twisted_Slinky
Fandoms: Supernatural/Teen Wolf
Rating: T (but the violence might start to edge into R territory at times)
Warnings: Violence, Torture, Body Horror, Light Swearing
Summary: His takes his victims bit by bit, swallows a piece of them, then watches them squirm, and Derek Hale makes for a nice long meal. With the werewolf at a killer's mercy, Braeden seeks help from an unlikely place, the Winchester brothers. Things, as usual, go sideways for Sam and Dean.
Wordcount: ~14k
Disclaimer: I do not own Teen Wolf or Supernatural, and I am not profiting off of this fanwork.
Distribution: AO3