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Supernatural Crossover Fic
Fics: "Old Business" and "Home" - SN/PoTC/TFs Xovers. Rated PG13 
12th-Nov-2007 09:56 pm
Sherlock Portal swtalmnd
Titles: "Old Business," "Home"
Series/Fandoms: Pirate!Dean series. Includes: Pirates of the Caribbean; Supernatural; Transformers 2007
Ratings: PG-13 for language. C for Crack.
Characters (no pairings): Dean, CoTFD, Frenzy, Archie, Norrington, Elizabeth, Pintel, Ragetti and [Spoiler]
Disclaimer: Not mine, not for profit.
Warnings: Spoilers through POTC: At World's End, Supernatural through Season 2 and the Season 3 ep Ghost Ship (mild), and the Transformers 2007 movie. Special warning for angst in "Home."
Author: The Mad Fangirl
Summary/ A/N:

More from the Pirate!Dean verse, now with killer robots. Goes with the CoTFD curse as Bootstrap described it, and not as the writers have explained it. Transformers comes in at fic # 7, Deep Water.

Links to the series behind the cut (at my LJ):

POTC/SN: One Way Out, ...Early in the Morning, The Job, Smoke on the Water, Rum and Coca Cola and The Third Bargain

POTC/SN/TFs: Deep Water, Family Calling

A/N 2: All right – I have now read the TF prequel comic. I hadn't yet when I wrote Deep Water, but now I think I lucked out with Archie; I wasn’t actually that far off. Lots of TFs, less POTC in this one. Dean's POV as per usual.
Old Business

A/N 3: Warning this fic for character torture – and this is a character I like, believe it or not.
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