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FIC: The Evil That Men Do--Supernatural/Bones, ADULT

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title: The Evil That Men Do
author: lisa roquin
rating: ADULT
fandom: Supernatural/Bones
characters/pairings: Dean, Sam, Brennan, Booth, Angela, Zach, Hodgins
disclaimer: all copyrighted characters and their "universes" belong to their respective authors, writers, creators, production companies, producers and long lists of people that are so very much not me. Quite simply, if you recognize it, it isn't mine. No profit made, no harm intended, just having fun.
warning: *deep breath* references of rape, torture, murder, mutilation, basically we're going through about seventy levels of demented hells before we even think about anything consensually sexual, and then, it's not pretty and nothing 'on screen'. A few screwed up hints at Wincest as well, though no actual wincest.
Seriously folks, if you read my fic cause of lighthearted silly stuff like Year in the Life or Slytherin Scheming. Run away now.
author's note: #1-super_santa for shealynn88, Happy Holidays. Supernatural/Bones seemed to be what you wanted most for a fic, though I'm really unsure you had anything like this in mind I tried.
#2-thanks so much to nycorson and shimaspawn for helping make this more readable.

The title link should take you to all the posts with the tag for this fic, no time or concentration to fight with getting it up on my website just now but all parts are there and posted. And *PLEASE* once more. This fic is very definitely *ADULT* even if it is predominantly a gen-fic. Look back up at the warnings again.
Tags: bones

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