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Mod Post: Essays About Writing Crossovers

Once upon a time, I posted a list of essays about writing crossovers. Well, it's time for an update, and with a few new essays added.

My motto when it comes to essays about writing is, "Take what's useful and discard the rest." Just because an essay says you shouldn't do something doesn't mean you shouldn't. Just that you should try to do it really well. :D

How to Write a Crossover Fanfiction Story

Tips for Writing a Crossover Fanfiction Story

On Crossovers
This is more of a "history of crossover fiction" type deal. But interesting.

Thoughts About Crossovers In General
Very useful essay. Especially the tips on devices you can use to bring fandoms together in your story.

A Brief Guide to the Writing of Crossovers

Bridging Universes: How To Write Crossover Fiction


The Ten Commandments of Crossovers
I actually disagree with a few of the "commandments." But some should definately be kept in mind.

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