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Supernatural Crossover Fic

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Fanfiction and fanart crossovers featuring Supernatural.
Supernatural Crossover Journal is what the name says...a community for Supernatural crossovers. Both fanfiction and fanart are welcome.

Have you written (or are you writing) Supernatural crossover fic? Post it. (Or a link to where it is on your own journal, on your site, in an archive, etc.) We'd love to read it.

Have you created Supernatural crossover fanart? (Icons. Wallpapers. Posters. Banners. Etc.) Well, we'd love to see 'em.

Have you read any good Supernatural crossovers? Recommend them.

Before posting, please read the Rules and Guidelines.


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Fanfiction Archives

Supernatural Fanfiction Archives

Supernaturally Twisted. An automated SPN crossover fanfiction archive.

Ghost Stories. An automated Supernatural fanfic archive.

Route 66: Destination Sunnydale. A Dean/Buffy 'shipper site.

Sam/Dean Slash Archive. What the name says. Also an automated archive.

Sinful Desire. A Wincest only 'shipper site. Includes fanfiction, fanart, etc.

Urban Legends: A Supernatural Fanfiction Archive

Winchester Journals Fic Archive. A Wincest-free archive. Also, no fics featuring underage-sex. Everything else is fair game.

Ghost Hunters. A Supernatural fanfiction archive.

Route 66: Destination Sunnydale

Other Fanfiction Archives

Crossover Fanfiction Archive

Twisting the Hellmouth

A Note: Please don't advertise your Live Journal or website in our Live Journal. However, if you have a Supernatural-related LJ Community, sign up to be an Affiliate.

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